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This is the official website of
Jay Choma
Vienna based Singer and Songwriter

Shoot in Poland
Phat Jam with Grooveyard
Odeon Theater for Ola Egbowon
EP Release Part at Aera
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Hello, my name is Jay Choma, I'm a Vienna-based singer and songwriter who has a big passion for music and entertaining people. 

I have been singing from a very young age on performing in Musicals and Theatres.
During my time singing in various musical projects, I performed at a big variety of bars and clubs around Austria and Germany but also well known venues and festivals such as the Donauinselfest, the Wiener Rathaus, the Wiener Musikverein the Odeon Theater, Arena Wien, and many more. 

Besides performing, I love to record and write music with and for other artists and collaborate on songs. 

While playing shows and being in the studio, I am now putting all my experiences and confidence I've gained into my solo project. I'm excited to be releasing music and playing shows in the near future.

Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy looking through my website. 
Follow me on instagram and youtube if you feel like you want to stay in touch. 

All the best,

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"Remember one thing.
That you should not leave the earth until you have made it
a little more beautiful. 
a little lovlier.
a little more loving."


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